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Manor Royal BID awarded Arts Grant

Manor Royal BID awarded Arts Grant

Manor Royal BID is delighted to have received a grant from the Arts Council of England to develop a Micro-Park Network/Heritage Trail Project. This has allowed the BID to engage Richard Wolfstrome as the project's Creative Lead to collect stories, memories, snippets and photos of Manor Royal's past and present from businesses and people.

This information will be used to inform artist briefs, to inspire different micro-park locations across the business district. In a very real way, the businesses and people of Manor Royal will influence the way the place looks and feels in the seating and facilities we deliver as part of this project.

To help inspire you, here is one story we have received from Tim, a former Manor Royal employee.

"Sometimes I went to the airline catering firm which, I think, is still there. I preferred the six to six night-shift because it seemed more like a collective experience. Once, in the early hours of the morning I was directed to cut tomatoes. There were, hundreds of them. Luckily one of the full-timers was working on another vegetable and when she had finished that she joined me on the tomatoes.

"When six o'clock came we cleared up, went to the changing rooms and headed for the door at the same time. She was carrying a crash helmet and I asked if she had a motorbike, "More of a moped " she said. Once outside I asked where it was and was told that it was on the roof. This was a surprise to me because I had not noticed any ramps or other signs of a rooftop car park. I said that I would like to see it and she showed me the way to some steps.

"Coming out of the stairwell was amazing. It was only then that I realised what a beautiful morning it was, a warm breeze from the south, not a cloud in the sky and so quiet. The car park was empty except for her motorcycle, the low wall surrounding it was painted white and the floor was not tarmac but more like those 'white ' roads that we sometimes see. Looking around I could see how well designed this industrial estate was, factories with lots of space around them. A modernist 'international style' architecture. The white squares of the French, the white walls and terracotta curves of the Italians. The elevated viewpoint was so important! A few minutes later we said goodbye and went our separate ways.

It was a 'moment' to be saved in the memory, not because it was significant or anything happened, it was just a pleasure."

It doesn't matter how long, short or insignificant you think your stories and memories are - they are interesting to the BID and we would love to hear them. Discover more at


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