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Metrobus Seeks More Female Bus Drivers in Crawley area

Metrobus Seeks More Female Bus Drivers in Crawley area

Metrobus and Brighton & Hove Buses has launched a new campaign to encourage more women to become bus drivers. The Metrobus recruitment and open day at the company's Crawley depot on 18 May gives women the chance to get into the driver's cab and to get the lowdown on what it's really like to be a bus driver from some of the women who drive Metrobus' buses.

Assistant Operations Manager Kirstie Bull began as a driver at Brighton & Hove Buses in 1998. "Some women have the idea that it's a big vehicle and they can't drive it. I don't know where that comes from because you can drive it. It's a fantastic experience, I love it. The vantage point that you've got over other road users is great. Once you've cracked the size and the length, you're in control. You can see everything that's going on from behind the wheel" she says.

Kirstie has worked all around the business as a driver; mentor; supervisor and scheduler, as well as in customer services and finance. She also shadowed assistant operations managers at Go-Ahead London before becoming one back in Brighton.

The new campaign aims to show that drivers come from all different kinds of backgrounds and bring different talents, like ultra-marathon running, scuba diving or drumming.

The company wants to recruit more women in all areas of the business, not just driving buses.

Metrobus' Managing Director Martin Harris says: "We've set a target for women to make up at least 20% of our colleagues by 2021 and we'll keep going once we hit it.

"We've already had success attracting more women as drivers, apprentices and managers. We've also brought in family friendly policies, like flexible working, shared parental leave and time off for family emergencies.

"Our internal culture is changing, partly thanks to our Diversity and Inclusion group and the Dignity and Respect campaign we run jointly with UNITE across all our depots, which promotes positive behavioural change."

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