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Best gifts for a techie: when you’re buying for someone who loves everything technical

Best gifts for a techie: when you’re buying for someone who loves everything technical

Blog from 4D's Jack Bedell-Pearce

If you're not a technical person and you're buying for someone who is - or you are and you're buying for someone you don't know very well - choosing a present can be daunting. Finding the gift for your loved one or (God-forbid) Secret Santa might feel like there are two options: something super generic, or a techie/geeky gift you know nothing about.

Here at 4D we do a company-wide Secret Santa, we've got a big team of technical experts (we're a good company to work with), and a few marketing people who sometimes struggle with ideas. With this experience, we've put together a handy gift guide for what to buy a techie gift recipient.

Don't Assume

You've probably watched The Big Bang Theory, and have a clear idea in your head of what technical/ engineering types like: Star Trek, comics, fantasy board games, etc. But there's a good chance the person you're buying for has no interest in any of the above. Ironically, your author, (who co-founded a data centre), is a proper fan of everything just listed and was particularly pleased with some Dilithium Crystal mints given to him in 2016! [hint to anyone from 4D reading this]
Like any technical problem, you need to assess the situation and carry out research before reaching any conclusions. You'll need to do a little bit of fact-finding about the person, but - when you don't share any interests with them - this can be really difficult, so our tips below are here to help.

To find out how you can achieve this Christmas fact-finding mission - as well as where you can buy geek-gifts - you can read the rest of 4D's article here.

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