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Super tasters needed to help Manor Royal business expand

Do you know anyone who has superior taste buds? Are they able to taste the difference between soft drinks or recognise different smells and flavours?

If so, then you should direct these super tasters to Manor Royal-based independent research consultancy Product Perceptions. Click here to view their latest advert.

The company, which moved to Manor Royal in 2006, specialises in sensory profiling for blue chip clients across the world in the food and drinks and oral care industries and now needs more people to join their sensory panel.

"Often confused with consumer product testing, sensory analysis uses a small number of trained panellists to identify and describe the different characteristics of products using the five senses," client services director Mark Lifton said. "We are not interested in whether the panel actually like the product or not. The sensory panel provides a fingerprint of what a product looks, smells, tastes and feels like that we can then use alongside consumer research."

"But before anyone can join our panel, they undergo a rigorous screening process that only about 10 per cent of the population are able to pass. These people are, therefore, very hard to find!"

Product Perceptions works on a variety of products ranging from breakfast cereals, frozen vegetables and ready meals to beer, wine, toothpaste and mouthwash.
"Through our sensory profiling, we can help our clients develop new products, improve existing products, re-engineer their products, comply with Food Standards Agency guidelines on health and nutrition and make claims about their products," Mr Lifton continued.

"We do this by helping clients to understand how consumers respond to their products, why consumers respond the way they do and what potential product changes should enhance consumer liking of their product."
Other than excellent sensory and descriptive abilities, there are no other special requirements needed to join the panel.

If you know of anyone interested in joining Product Perception's existing panel of people, encourage them to email or call 01293 558955.


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