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Economic Impact Study

Project Background
The Economic Impact Study, jointly commissioned by the Manor Royal BID and Crawley Borough Council, was conducted by leading economic and regeneration consultants to assess how well the Business District is performing and what it needs to do to remain competitive.

Project Outcome
The study revealed that Manor Royal has grown in a number of important ways. It is now home to over 600 businesses and provides 25% of all Crawley jobs - 32,800 jobs in total. It contributes £34m in rates each year, about a third of all rates generated by Crawley, and provides over 9m square feet of commercial floorspace. A notable change from 2010 when there was over 90 acres of land available and about 20% of all the buildings were empty.

What next
The report highlights a number of ways Manor Royal needs to improve. This includes provision of facilities, wider promotion, enhancements to the public realm and continued efforts by the Manor Royal BID to represent and co-ordinate activities across the Business District. The Manor Royal BID will use the report to inform its future plans and projects and how it works with strategic partners to implement the recommendations.

Read the report in full (5Mb)

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