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Micro-park network & arts trail


The stories and history of Manor Royal will be used by artists to create a trail of micro-parks forming a network of improved facilities, seating, outdoor meeting spaces, public realm, wayfinding and a stronger sense of place using details of the products, places and people that have made and make Manor Royal what it is.

First Micro Parks on their way

The importance of good outdoor space, strong public realm and easy access to good facilities has never been so important. Manor Royal BID is delighted to be working with artists Dallas-Pierce-Quintero and Stephen Broadbent in partnership with Allen Scott Landscape Architects to develop the first four park areas:

Corner of Rutherford Way and Gatwick Road See site notice (Planning ref: CR/2020/0780/FUL)
Corner of Rutherford Way and Priestley Way See site notice (Planning ref: CR/2020/0781/FUL)
Corner of Priestley Way See site notice (Planning ref: CR/2020/0782/FUL)
Metcalf Way (Planning ref: CR/2020/0829/FUL)

See the planning applications on the Crawley Borough Council Planning Register, search using the planning reference numbers.  

These sites will eventually form a series of connected 8 micro-parks across Manor Royal, providing a network of improved facilities including seating and outdoor meeting spaces, whilst telling the story of Manor Royal, it's history and the people who have made it what it is today.

We'd love to hear from you. What would you like to see here? How would you like it to look? Have your say and help inform the development of these areas.

Keep posted for further developments..........

Supplementary information

Project background
Trails Site Map
Manor Royal Pictorial History Timeline

Site observations and concepts
- Metcalf Way / County Oak Way
- Fleming Way
- Rutherford Way / Gatwick Road
- Rutherford Way / Priestley Way
- Crawter's Brook
- Woolborough Lane
- Manor Royal Central
- Manor Royal West

Manor Royal Narrative and Trail Strategy - Read it now (14Mb)

Read some of the stories, feelings and history of the Manor Royal Buisness District. See what Manor Royal once was and how it now is. Understand how and where we might create the trail of micro-parks around Manor Royal and how we intend to engage artists to help us create it. 

Getting in touch

If you are a business, employee (past or present) or a member of the public with a photos or a Manor Royal story to share (however big or small) please get in touch at 

This project is supported by The Arts Council

Our thanks to the Arts Council of England who are supporting this project by the award of a Lottery Grant.

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