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Gatwick Airport Expansion

There is a clear link between what goes on at Gatwick Airport (in terms of development and operation) and the Manor Royal Business District.

A key economic driver
As well as being a key element in the country's national infrastructure, the airport contributes £5.3bn to the UK economy and supports over 85,000 jobs. At peak times it is the busiest single-runway airport in the world and is ranked 12th in the world for the number of long-haul destinations served.

A new Masterplan
Gatwick's last master plan was published in 2012. A new Masterplan is being developed to explain the airports latest thinking on how to meet the growing demand for air travel over the next five years to 2032.

Manor Royal BID response
Read the Manor Royal BID responsed to the consultation HERE

What are the options?
Gatwick Airport have set out three options each with different potential growth scenarios and implications to support the airport's longer term future. In summary these are:

Option 1: Using new technologies to increase capacity on Gatwick's existing Main Runway. Gatwick estimate this could increase capacity to between 57mppa and 61mppa by 2032.

Option 2: A plan to bring the airport's existing Standby Runway into routine use alongside the Main Runway. This could increase capacity to between 68mppa and 70 mppa by 2032.

Option 3: Continuing to safeguard the land for an additional runway in the future, while not actively pursuing one today. This is about retaining the option to introduce an additional runway at some point in the future. It is estimated that this option would increase capacity to around 95mppa that might be reached within 20 or 25 years of opening.

*Current passenger numbers are 45.7 million passengers per annum (mppa)
**Heathrow currently handles 78 mmpa

What do Gatwick say about a second runway?
"Gatwick is no longer actively pursuing plans for an additional runway, but there nevertheless remains the possibility of building and operating one in the future. Should this, or a future, Government decide to support an additional runway at Gatwick, we would be ready to take this forward with a view to seeking development consent.

"Should such policy support materialise, then it would be feasible to open the additional runway towards the end of the 5 to 15 year period. It is for this reason that we have included the additional runway in this draft master plan." Quote from Draft Masterplan, 2018

That means that Gatwick want land to continue to be safeguarded for the possible future development of a second runway.

How can that be accommodated?
Land is already safeguarded for this purpose. This will inevitably mean some displacement of businesses in Manor Royal and surrounding area as well as create new demand for development. This would require close working between the Airport, surrounding Local Authorities and affected businsses and landowners. Should an additional runway be permitted, Gatwick have committed to developing a new "Engagement Charter" and dedicated team to help landowner and businesses.

What issues of noise, environmental and traffic?
While more technical work is required in some areas, these issues are addressed in some detail in the Masterplan.

What next?
Initially Gatwick Airport are asking for comments on the Draft Plan and people have until 10 January 2019 to comment in the draft. Once the consultation is complete Gatwick will consider the responses, publish a "Report of Consultation" and the Final Master Plan thereafter.

How do I find out more and comment?
Visit Gatwick Airport's website


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