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easit rail discounts

15% Southern - available across the whole network (except central London zones 1,2 & 3) OR 20% when purchasing singles or returns online @

15% South West Trains - for journeys in to and returning from; Wokingham, Reading, Winnersh Triangle, Bracknell, Andover, Basingstoke, Cosham, Farnborough, Fratton, Hillsea, Portsmouth Harbour, Portsmouth & Southsea Central and Winchester Stations.

15% First Great Western - for journeys in to and returning from Reading, Oxford & Maidenhead.

*The current easitPHOTO ID with hologram sticker is being phased out in the coming months. From 1st July you must be in possession of a new easitCARD to benefit from our rail discounts!

Questions and Answers

Q1 - Who is entitled to this discount?

A1 - Staff of all easit member organisations. You must be able to present your easitCARD or easitPHOTO ID* card when purchasing all easit DISCOUNTED tickets.

Q2 - Will this discount be permanent?

A2 - Yes providing your Company continues to be a member of the easitNETWORK scheme.

Q3 - What type of tickets can be purchased to get the 15% discount?

A3 - For current ticket information please visit Southern are offering members 20% discount on Single & Return tickets (ONLY) when purchased online at

Q4 - Can I buy Off-peak tickets and still receive a discount?

A4 - Yes, but only for journeys within the permitted easitDISCOUNTED locations.

Q5 - Can I buy a weekly or monthly Travelcard and receive my discount?

A5 - No. Travelcards (zonal ticket allowing unlimited travel on London's public transport network) are not permitted with easitDISCOUNTS.

Q6 - Can I use another Railcard in conjunction with my easitCARD?

A6 - No. No further discount can be received on top of the easitDISCOUNT. We advise you to check the best deal before purchasing your ticket if you have another railcard.

Q7 - Will I be able to purchase an Annual Season ticket and receive a discount?

A7 - Yes although there are restrictions with First Great Western so please refer to current ticket information.

Q8 - Can I travel to the London Zonal Area using my easitCARD?

A8 - NO

Q9 - Where do I purchase my ticket?

A9 - You may purchase Single & Return tickets (ONLY) online at All other ticket types must be purchased from the relevant ticket office i.e. tickets for Southern routes must be purchased from a Southern station, tickets for FGW routes must be purchased from a FGW station. You will be required to show your easitCARD or easitPHOTO ID* card with every purchase. It is possible to find out who operates a station at and selecting 'stations & destinations'.

Q10 - If I wish to continue using my current easitPHOTO ID card can I access the easitON-LINE facility?

A10 - You will need to go to and select TO REGISTER when prompted.

Q11 - How do I get the new easitCARD

A11 - The card costs £4.80 (inc VAT) and is available to purchase online @ When promoted select PURCHASE easitCARD.

Q12 - If I lose my easitCARD or have problems obtaining my discount, who should I contact?

A12 - In the first instance please contact

Q13 - If I lose my easitCARD after purchasing the ticket, how can I identify myself to the ticket inspector?

A13 - You MUST have an easitCARD with you at all times when travelling on an easitDISCOUNTED fare! Failure to identify yourself as an easitMEMBER may result in a Penalty Fare.

Q14- If I have a season ticket (i.e, weekly, monthly, annual) bought with the old easit PHOTO ID CARD at the beginning of the year would this change affect that?

A14- You need to be in possession of a new easitCARD to prove you are eligible for the easitDISCOUNT. However, you also need to keep your old Photo ID Card as this will be linked to your current season ticket. The old photo ID cards can continue to be used as a normal rail photo ID card which are issued by the ticket office when you purchase any type of season ticket. It just won't allow you to obtain the easitDISCOUNT post June 30th.

Q15 - Should I wish to interrupt, say a monthly ticket, because of an alternative travel arrangement (i.e. Car Share), will I be able to get a refund?

A15 - Tickets purchased at the easit discounted rate carry the same T&C's as a normal rail ticket.

For further information please go to or contact


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