Manor Royal Business Improvement District (BID)
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Top Ten Facts about Manor Royal

Manor Royal Business District by numbers

  1. The largest business district in South East England covering 240 hectares
  2. Home to more than 500 businesses
  3. Provides 30,000 jobs (40 per cent of Crawley's total employment) - Crawley provides 45 per cent of all employment in the Gatwick Diamond.
  4. Accounts for approximately 19 per cent of all jobs in the Gatwick Diamond
  5. Crawley's main commercial area and a major contributor to the West Sussex, Gatwick Diamond and wider south east economy.
  6. Provides 77 per cent of all Crawley employment land (Crawley provides more commercial floor space than any other area in West Sussex or the Gatwick Diamond)
  7. Accounts for 19 per cent of all employment land in West Sussex and 22 per cent of all such land in the Gatwick Diamond
  8. About 700 business premises and 8 million square feet of commercial space
  9. A destination for 18,000 people who commute to the area from outside the town
  10. Home to numerous blue chip, global companies such as Virgin Atlantic, CGG, Thales, Varian Medical Systems, Elekta, Vent-Axia, Doosan Babcock Energy and Grant Thornton
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Manor Royal BID
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