Manor Royal Business Improvement District (BID)
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The Manor Royal Brand

Colourful, dynamic and fresh. The development of the forward-leaning "ribbon" brand conveys the sense of progress, diversity and movement synonymous with a modern Manor Royal

Rationale for the identity

  • The cutting of a ribbon is a symbol of a new beginning which complements and supports regeneration
  • Using a ribbon to form an ‘M' as a visual symbol makes a strong dynamic logo
  • The five differently coloured strands represent the business zones within Manor Royal Business District
  • The inclusion of Crawley and Gatwick at once positions Manor Royal locally and attaches itself to the global brand offered by Gatwick
  • The subtle renaming as a Business District suggests scale and reflects the modern, dynamic place Manor Royal now is while maintaining the proud royal heritage

Contact us to obtain electronic versions of the logo and get advice about the correct use of the Manor Royal Business District "ribbon".

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Manor Royal Fact
Home to 600 businesses, Manor Royal is the largest business district in South East England covering 240 hectares