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Micro-park network & arts trail (Phase 1 - R&D phase)

The stories and history of Manor Royal will be used by artists to help interpret and inspire a trail of micro-parks to form a network to improve facilities, seating, outdoor meeting spaces, public realm, wayfinding and a stronger sense of place. 


Every place has a story, whether it be a building, a city or a business park. We want to capture some of the heritage and stories of Manor Royal and use them to inform the creation of a trail of mini-park areas, or micro-parks, using details of the products, places and people that have made and make Manor Royal what it is.

Get involved

Maybe your company has been here for years, maybe you know a long-serving member of staff (maybe you are one), maybe you know who did what where, maybe you have a funny story about meeting your first love here or of a memorable staff party back in the day. Maybe your mum or dad, friends or relations used to work here and have a stack of photos to go along with a bucket-load of memories.

Do one or all of these to inspire the project

Manor Royal Persona A fun and quirky exercise based on metaphor. Don't think too hard!
Manor Royal Story Share a short story or tale with us. Can be funny or serious and as long or short as you like. 

Read the stories so far...

Manor Royal Story 1

Manor Royal Story 2

Manor Royal Story 3

Manor Royal Story 4

Getting in touch

Richard Wolfstrome, an expert in cultural placemaking and narrative wayfinding, will be working with us on this project. As a business, employee (past or present) or a member of the public with some photos or a Manor Royal story to share (however big or small) please email and put "Manor Royal Story" in the subject.  

You can also share via our Facebook page

This project is supported by The Arts Council

Our thanks to the Arts Council of England who are supporting this project by the award of a Lottery Grant.

Project stages

Spring 2019: Arts Council funding application & early phase engagement and awareness raising.
Phase 1 (July-October): Research and development of the narrative and history of Manor Royal to inform the micro-park network and arts trail strategy.
Phase 2 (depending on Phase 1): Curation of artists, collaborators and delivery of the actual trails, anticipated to be 6-8 in number depending on availability of funding.     

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