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Project Background
The project resulted from a detailed Wayfinding Strategy, commissioned by the BID in 2014, in response to a need to improve the business district's signage. The signage strategy and design was produced by wayfinding consultants DesignJD.

Project Costs
£150,000 (West Sussex County Council)
£90,000 (Manor Royal BID)
£30,000 (Crawley Borough Council)
£270,000 - Total Costs

Project Outcome
Installation involved Manor Royal based companies Fast Signs and Signs Express, alongside West Sussex based SSE Enterprise and Model. Following a complex planning process, 198 new signs have been erected around the business district, making it more welcoming for both vehicle users and pedestrians. The modern signs include monoliths at the key entrance ways, vertical road markers, pedestrian map boards and contemporary colour-coded street name signs. Distinctive lamp-post banners have also been placed along the main avenues.

"The Manor Royal BID completed the project in its fourth year, during which time a number of significant improvements have been delivered. Our aim has been to create a suite of iconic yet functional signs as part of our overall visual identity for Manor Royal Business District.
Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of the Manor Royal BID

"In our experience, a project on a scale such as this achieves real benefit for an area. Without Manor Royal BID, a project on this scale would not get off the ground. Businesses in the area will see a considerable difference navigating their way through the area."
Jonathan Docksey, of Design JD, the design company who developed the wayfinding strategy

"West Sussex County Council is fully committed to being a champion for the diverse and highly productive West Sussex economy. Manor Royal Business District is a vital source of jobs and wealth both for Crawley and the wider area. Our support of this project, and the Manor Royal BID, is a clear demonstration of our commitment."
West Sussex County Council's Leader, Louise Goldsmith

"We have long recognised the importance of the Manor Royal Business District for the significant contribution it makes to the local economy. The introduction of new signage and wayfinding is part of a shared effort to make sure the Business District is well-branded and easy to navigate. We are pleased to have worked alongside the Manor Royal BID to achieve this."
Councillor Peter Smith, Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development

Award Nomination
The project was shortlisted for a national BIDs Proud Projects award in 2016. The Manor Royal BID wayfinding project made it onto the shortlist from over 50 entries from around the country, as judged by a panel of business and industry experts.

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