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Manor Royal Projects Pack (December 2017)

The Projects Pack is an important companion to the BID Business Plan. It sets out an extensive range of projects that could be delivered throughout the Business District to improve the appearance and experience of working and visiting Manor Royal.

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How it is used
The Projects Pack is used by the BID to help plan investment and also to attract investment from others. It also means the BID is ready and able to respond and lobby in an articulate way for funding to make the place better. 

Will all the projects be delivered?
We can't promise all these projects will be delivered straight away. The Projects Pack sets out an extensive range of projects whose total value far exceeds what the BID can generate in any given term. However, the BID will work hard to deliver as many of these projects as possible and lobby for investment from others as required.

How confident are you about the cost estimates
The cost estimates shown are exactly that - estimates. They are as accurate as they can be at this level of design detail. Costings can sometimes change when you move into detailed design stages but they represent a decent guide for budgetting purposes.

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