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Green Lane Subway Upgrade


Project Background
Green Lane subway is one of two cycle and pedestrian routes leading into Manor Royal Business District from Northgate. Like Woolborough Lane subway (upgraded by Manor Royal BID in 2015) this subway was scruffy and unwelcoming.  The BID identified this as an area needing investment to make a significant difference.

Project costs
£18,478 (Manor Royal BID)

Half the spend was towards repair, clean and preparation of surfaces with half on the execution of a mural over a period of two week, to include a business workshop to formulate ideas with businesses. Manor Royal BID commissioned Community Clean to deep clean, strip back and repaint the subway walls, soffits and wings, ready for a professional mural by Ginger Moo artists.

Working collaboratively with businesses, Ginger Moo create a design on the theme of 'Environment'.  Renewable eneregy sources, reduction of carbon footprint and inspiring the next generation to become more environmentally astute, were prominent themes. Manor Royal BID gave the artists freedom to develop the ideas, whilst steering the brief. 

Project Outcome
Feedback from businesses and residents has been excellent, many of whom engaged directly with the artists at work.  An enthused resident even called the BID office to praise the project.  Regular users of the subway were pleased to see a previously bland pathway transformed into a bright and purposeful route to work.

"What was clear from the workshop is how seriously all of the businesses involved are taking environmental responsibilities".  
Jane Jones, Finance Director, Eezehaul

"Improving the entrances into Manor Royal Business District by path, cycle route and road is of great importance to the BID, giving visitors and positive sense of arrival, with each gateway into the district being unique."  
Steve Sawyer, Executive Director, Manor Royal BID

"On behalf of the residents of Green lane, I would lke to thank Manor Royal BID for generously sponsoring and commissioning the work on Green Lane subway.  It had been an eyesore, with very little attention given to it and could feel quite intimidating to walk through.  I am delighted with the transformation!"
Julie Bruce, Northgate Resident

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