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Woolborough Lane Subway upgrade

Project Background
Woolborough Lane subway is very well used, with pedestrians and cyclists regularly travelling to and from the business district and Northgate, but the subway was scruffy and unwelcoming. Manor Royal BID led and managed the improvement project to make a positive change to the area and secured funding from West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council to deliver the project as a joint partnership.

The Manor Royal BID contracted Community Clean to prepare the surface of the subway, and selected local professional artists, Ginger Moo to create a dedicated mural within the subway. The artists explored themes directly linked to Manor Royal, surrounding the history, landscape, transport and engineering. Creative workshops were organised for the general public and pupils at Gatwick School. Dedicated business-focused workshops were held at Varian Medical Systems and Manor Royal BID office in Gatwick Road for participants to have direct input in the design.

Project Costs
£12,565 (West Sussex County Council)
£7,435 (Manor Royal BID)
£20,000 - Total Costs

Project Outcome
Formally opened in June 2015 by Cllr Peter Lamb, Leader of Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Councillor. The results of the mural have generated positive comments from residents and businesses alike and has improved journeys to and from work. The project has given the area an additional focus, receiving replacement bollards along the cycle route through to the subway. Issues of continued maintenance and improved drainage are being monitored by the local authorities.

Project Testimonial
"The subway now provides an inviting ‘corridor' from Manor Royal to Northgate for those who walk and cycle to and from the business district. Manor Royal BID has been successful in turning a dull, uninviting concrete structure into something integral to the community, because of the location, the choice of artists, the artwork and vibrant colour palette used".
Sarah Leggett, Corporate Communications, Varian Medical Systems Ltd


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