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Manor Royal Deal (signed May 2018)

What is the Manor Royal Deal?
It is a committment by West Sussex County Council, Crawley Borough Council and the Manor Royal BID to work with and support each other in their efforts to improve the Manor Royal Business District area.

View the Manor Royal Deal document

What does it contain? 
It sets out the core principles for partnership working between these organisations to:
1. Deliver the Crawley Growth Programme in Manor Royal
2. Deliver the Manor Royal BID Business Plan
3. Take opportunities as they arise to improve Manor Royal

What have it?
On creation of the Manor Royal BID a series of Baseline Agreements have to be agreed to ensure the investment of the BID Levy is used properly to deliver projects and services that are additional to those already paid for and delivered by public partners. The Manor Royal Deal goes beyond these simple Baseline Agreements and demonstrates a positive, public committment to collaborative working and the co-design, co-delivery and, where relevant and appropriate, joint-funding of projects to improve Manor Royal. 

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