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Re-Energise Manor Royal

A vision for Manor Royal where the energy supply is more sustainable, secure and locally generated - raising the profile of the Business District, reducing our carbon footprint and lowering the cost for businesses.

Project details

The Manor Royal BID has partnered with West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council to look at how the Business District can generate and share its own secure, affordable and low-carbon energy from renewable sources.

The project benefits from £400,000 of EU funding to explore the full range of challenges and opportunities to make Manor Royal a model for other business parks in the UK and across Europe.

Project benefits

The aim is to increase all forms of renewable energy on Manor Royal. Success will gain Manor Royal a reputation for innovation in sustainable, low carbon energy generation. Businesses will benefit from cheaper, more secure, low-carbon energy supply protected against energy price hikes.

Feasibility work has identified a number of areas, or ‘business clusters' where suitable renewable energy technologies, including solar PV, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, ground source heat pumps and, potentially, large batteries will be installed to store surplus energy for use when it is needed. West Sussex County Council is also leading on a local district heat network to share heat energy across the Business District.

The establishment of a local energy company for Manor Royal Business District is also proposed. This will enable companies to collaborate to share and trade the low-carbon energy and heat they generate and, potentially, reach markets beyond Manor Royal so increasing the benefit.

Project milestones

Summer 2020: Secure investment for renewable energy technology and work with businesses to develop an operating model for a local energy company.

Autumn 2020

• Finalise the operating model for a local energy company, working with West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council, and continue to support businesses secure investment for renewable energy technology.
• Review the preliminary report setting out the options for a district heat network serving Manor Royal Business District and the wider area.
• Complete testing for the BISEPS online tool that will enable other business parks to easily evaluate the most effective renewable energy solutions.

Study outputs and reports

Finance & Governance Options (March 2019) - a Manor Royal Local Energy Company (6Mb)
Finance & Governance Addendum (Commercial case report) (March 2019)   
Finance & Governance Workshop (Dec 2018): Presentation and Workshop output
Opportunities Study presentation (July 2018)
Strategic Opportunities Report (May 2018)

How to get involved

To help shape the future of energy on Manor Royal and benefit from low cost, renewable energy, contact the Manor Royal BID Office or Ingrid Bennett (West Sussex County Council) 03302 224 682 /

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