Manor Royal Business Improvement District (BID)
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The Manor Royal BID provides the impetus to deliver a range of capital and revenue projects. This leads directly to area-wide improvements and benefits for Manor Royal businesses and employees.

The Manor Royal BID also delivers a wide range of activities including but not limited to: events, representation of the Business District at a strategic level, area-wide promotions, Business to Business promotions, regular communications, negotiated deals and discounts and more.

"Collectively the success of these various projects amount to an improved, more attractive and more competitive place to do business. Bit by bit and piece by piece, we are putting in place those elements, long-neglected prior to the BID, that will make Manor Royal better."
Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of Manor Royal BID


In progress - what the BID is working on now

Re-Energise Manor Royal (green on-site energy generation)
Gateway 1 (Hazelwick Flyover) entrance upgrade, including footbridge replacement
Economic Impact Study
Digital Signage
Manor Royal Projects Pack
Manor Royal BID Renewal 2018-2023 (BID 2)
Crawley Growth Package (Manor Royal elements)

Other on-going projects and services

Business Rangers Service (Commenced September 2017)
Dedicated Maintenance Service (Commenced April 2017)
Manor Royal Business Watch
Bespoke training courses
HR People's Forum
Business Directory
Additional winter maintenance (gritting)
Transport initiative (easit)
Manor Royal Procurement Hub (cost saving initiative)
Team building and volunteering (support)
Improved road surfaces (Delivered and On going)
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Insurance (Partnership)

Projects delivered - what the BID has already done

County Oak-Langley Green Cycle Link (with Crawley BC & Basepoint)
Area-wide security cameras (CCTV & ANPR) (Completed Sept 2016)
Gateway 3 (at Astral Towers) Entrance Upgrade (Completed Sept 2016)
Green (Soft) & Grey (Hard) infrastructure & maintenance audits (Completed Aug 2016)
Travel, Transport and Parking Study
Signage and Wayfinding (Completed June 2016)
Welcome and Information Pack (Completed May 2017 - and regularly updated)
Crawter's Brook, The People's Park (Officially Opened November 2014)
The Terrace pocket park (Completed April 2017)
Woolborough Lane Subway upgrade (Completed 2015)
Green Lane Subway Upgrade (Completed July 2016)
Better, Faster Broadband (Completed Sept 2015)

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